My Little Girl

My Little Girl

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

So last night we finally got around to carving our pumpkins. It was a lot of ... well it was interesting to say the least. I absolutely HATE touching that pumpkin goop. But I did it. For Emma. Ugh, I'm still shuddering from it! LOL

We made one with a cat and then a Mini-Minnie Mouse for Em. It was all free-hand, so they weren't perfect, but I still think they turned out okay. Here are a few pictures from our pumpkin carving.
Finished product

You should have seen the look we got before we wiped off her hands!

She's like me: She doesn't like the goop on her hands

Trick or Treat!!

I can't believe what a difference the past year has made. On this day exactly, one year ago, we spillt the beans...we started telling our families that we were going to have a baby. And then here we are today: getting her into her costume, taking her around to a few house, having neighbors put a few pieces of candy into her little pumpkin basket.

Today has been full of tricks and treats. First treat of the day: Emma slept from 9pm to 5:30am. The only thing that woke her up was her daddy having to get ready for work. (I must say, I am kind of 'really' looking forward to her sleeping in her own room, just because then she won't get up with her daddy and me.) Then I started to get ready for work. We got to dress up and I was going to be Rosie the Riveter. I was certain I had a blue scarf with white polka dots, but when I went looking for it I couldn't find it. That's when I remembered that I had to toss it when our crawl space was flooded. So I had to rush and get Emma to her Nonna's early so I could see if maybe Wal-Mart had anything. Luckily they had the perfect scarf (red with white polka-dots) and I actually pulled off my costume. Only cost me $5!!! :)

Getting through today was rough. It was a slow day at work. No real patients or anything. Plus I had to call on outstanding claims and it sometimes just makes your brain hurt to look into the old ones!
Anyways, so I rushed home to pick up Daddy and then we rushed to see Emma and start getting her ready for Halloween. It was so much fun getting her into her little Tinkerbell costume. And I really think she liked it. At least, she liked the texture of the tulle. She kept putting it in her mouth--which really isn't new now!

Then we took her around to a few houses. She loved it honestly. She loved looking up at the trees and sky. She liked seeing the new people. She would smile her little smirk and duck her head like she was bashful, and the people would coo over her and add another piece of candy. Yeah, she knows how to work it already. LOL

After a few houses, it started to cool down some more and looked like it was going to rain, so we headed back to Nonna's. We hung out with everyone for a bit. It was just a nice night.

So here are a few pictures from her first Halloween!

She sits in a high chair now!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Update on Monthly Pics

Just so you can see how big she's gotten:
1 Week:

1 Month:

2 Months:

3 Months:

Been a bit...

I know it's been almost a month since I last posted. And so much has happened!!

Emma is getting so big now. She's going to be 4 months next weekend. Here's some of her accomplishments to date:
  • She can roll from her back to her belly almost every time.
  • She now sits on my hip like a big girl.
  • She just started holding her own bottle! She's kind of always put her hand to her bottle but now she legitimately holds it. Sometimes she uses one hand to prop the bottle from underneath and the other to guide it. Or she will hold it like she's supposed to. Her Nonna got a picture of the first time Emma *really* held her bottle.
First time Emma held her bottle!!

    She is such a big girl!
  • She's changed up her sleep schedule AGAIN! Now we do bath time around 8:30, hen a baby massage and a nighttime feeding. She usually falls asleep around 9 or so. But now she wakes up at 2:45am every morning! Then she eats and falls back asleep by 3:30. Since Daddy wakes up at 4:30, I really only get an hour nap from 2:45am until we all go to sleep at 10pm. I am one sleepy Mommy!
  • She laughs all the time! She loves playing and hanging out. She'll stare at Daddy when he's talking and then just burst out into a HUGE grin! And we'll spend hours just making popping sounds. She loves that!

  • We are probably going to start "real" food soon. But for us that means we are going to actually make the food. With all the problems she had with formula, I don't think a pre-made baby food would work. 
  • We went to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend. I think it was more for Daddy and I! Lol She had some fun at the end but it's just so cold up here. Being there made me miss my hometown even more. I could have taken her to Jackson's Orchard like I did as a kid. Picked some apples and pumpkins at the same time. Made cider. Things like that.
Big Beautiful Eyes

Look at that 'Tude!

Family photo at the Pumpkin Patch

Not as thrilled with the animals up close

I think that's a legit hug from my baby!
  • Her Halloween costume came in. I cannot wait to see her in it!
  • We went to her aunt's birthday and everyone said how adorable she is. I have to say: I agree!!
  •  I already have a few Christmas presents, both for her and for a few family members. I know she's not going to really remember this Christmas, but I'm still really excited!
We have some family coming in to meet her this weekend. And then going to see her other grandpa for his birthday. It's a busy October. And I can't wait to see what November has for us!
I might be biased, but I think she's the most beautiful baby girl!!

My little Chunker!! Look at her go after that bottle!!

Emmaleigh Grace

Emmaleigh Grace