My Little Girl

My Little Girl

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sick Baby

Ugh today was a ridiculously long and totally draining day. I feel like I got absolutely NOTHING accomplished.

See... my baby girl was sick. "Bery Sick" if you ask her.  And I knew last night that she was probably getting sick. That's another crappy part in an already crappy day.

Last night Emma kept fighting sleep. She would get to her normal "I'm about to pass out" phase where she takes the comforter and pulls it ALL-THE-WAY-UP to her chin. Usually it's about 5-7 minutes after this that she is good to go. But last night, after maybe 4 minutes, she would be restless again, trying her darnedest to get comfy. And she just couldn't. She woke up so many times during the night it might be safe to say that NONE of us slept.

Checked on her around 3:30am and noticed she sounded a little stuffy.

Woke up to a baby with a runny nose, slight wet cough, and kinda puffy-red eyes. I knew from the start that we were in for a long long day.

From the start she was off. She only ate maybe half of her pancake this morning. And Emma NEVER turns down a pancake! Then she would only let me sit in one seat in the living room while she played in the playroom because she could see me better in that chair. It was also the chair closest to the playroom. Every half hour or so she would come up to me and say "Mommy, you need hold me. I Bery Sick." She'd crawl up in my lap and cuddle for a few minutes. Then off to the playroom for another half hour. This repeated until about 2:30pm.

She refused to eat anything for lunch. Then I tried a bath so she'd go down for a nap. Nope. I mean, she liked the bath, but wanted nothing to do with a nap. It went on like that until around 4:30pm when I noticed that both she and her daddy were napping in the living room: Daddy on the couch and Emma on the floor beside him. It would have been cute if I hadn't been thinking about how it was very likely we would not be going to bed at a decent time tonight. DOH!

She slept until a little after 6. Daddy came home from hanging out with his daddy for a bit and I was FINALLY able to get out of my pajamas! Haha I had changed from one set of jammies to a different set, but hadn't been able to make it to actual clothes until almost 6:30pm.

Luckily my mom and stepdad brought over the fixins for ribs, potatoes, and biscuits for dinner. I put out a salad and some watermelon and we were good to go.

Now it's almost 9:30 and she's watching her new favorite movie. Well, she was about half an hour ago. She's asleep now. I just hope this little bug works its way through her quickly. Mommy has had a long day and needs a good night's sleep!

Night everyone!

Emmaleigh Grace

Emmaleigh Grace